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. drew peterson will finally stand trial for the murder of his third wife. a will county judge has set the date for july 30-th, with jury selection to start a week earlier. peterson is charged with the murder of kathleen savio.. who was found dead in her bathtub in 2004. her death was ruled a homicide. peterson is still the only suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson. but he has not been charged. released its first ad of the genereal election today. the commercial, titled "day one", details what romney's first day of his potential presidency would look like. the ad promises romney would immediately approve the keystone pipeline, introduce tax cuts and reward job creators. it shows videos and photos of the candidate with u-s workers. the ad will run in the battleground states of ohio, north carolina, virginia and iowa. facebook users are "liking" this: the company's stock is now public. c-e-o mark zuckerberg rang the opening bell for the nasdaq market today... from his headquarters in menlo park, california. the company priced its i-p-o at 38-dollars a share. th
of the dead and missing wives, former cop, drew peterson back in the courtroom spotlight. a key witness may be bewrond the grave. -- beyond the grave. ♪ i would've appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide you with proactive updates on the status of your home loan. and our innovative online tools ensure that you're always in the loop. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ensure that you're always in the loop. it doesn't look risky. i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit floodsmart.gov/risk to learn your risk. >>> welcome back. remember drew peterson? the former illinois police officer charged with murder. he has been locked away more than a year but was back in court friday for allegedly killing his third wife, kathleen savio back in 200
suspect, drew peterson. we'll tell you all about today's development. >>> the case against drew peterson is moving closer to trial. the former police officer appeared in a chicago court today for the first time in nearly two years. peterson is charged with the 2004 drowning death of his third wife. his fourth wife, stacey, disappeared in 2007. while peterson is a suspect in the case, he's not been charged. attorneys say they hope to begin jury selection for the trial within 60 to 90 days. >>> a second week of testimony is wrapping up at the trial of former democratic presidential candidate, john edwards. he's accused of breaking campaign finance rules by using donations as hush money to cover up an extramarital affair. the court has been hearing a lot of testimony from brian huffman. he helped funnel some of that money from rachel bunny melon of northern virginia. mellon was one of edward's major benefactors. >>> still ahead on 9news, he's back. michael phelps talking about another gold rush at the olympics. we'll hear from the pride of baltimore. >>> michael feel phelps is back in the
, national development and research institutes, incorporated, new york, new york; dr. candace peterson, associate scientist, evaluation shared service, university of wisconsin population health institute, madison, wisconsin. dr. clark, what does research to practice mean and what does it mean for a methodology or a practice to be evidence-based? research to practice is a concept that captures the evolvement in the research community with regard to various aspects of, in this case, substance abuse or mental health care in an effort to increase the ability to positively affect the individual who's affected by it. so, evidence-based, then, is mobilizing administrative, clinical, and research information to enhance the quality of care and the effectiveness of care in order to produce the best outcomes associated with providing care, so when people present for care they're getting the best care possible. and, tom, in the field, how much of this is going on? what is the percentage of people that actually do evidence-based practice? well, it's a good question. as dr. clark said, nobody can ar
are changing up their recipes. >> dave ross is hanging out with lamont peterson this morning hey dave. >> yeah, this is exciting we are here at head bangers gym in southeast catching up with this manx lamont peterson, 140 -- with this man, lamont peterson, 140-pound king pin. stick around. fox morning news continues with the champ 3q at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health. >> if you are headed other seas any time soon don't expect to -- overseas any time son don't expect to find your favorite snack. here in the united states the snack food market is flat plus we like our food like we like it don't want any other stuff some products new ones include oreo stuffed with mango and orange and green tea flavour for summer time. or cereal served in hot coff
am melanie wall wick. happy -- alnwick happy mothers day. >>> lamont peterson could be on the verge of losing his welter weight championship. >>> police believe a brutal beating may have started over a piece of trash. the attack was caught on security cameras. dc police are calling the crime felony assault. john has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: w street northwest, 14th street is a mixture of beautiful old residential buildingwidespread renovation and new construction. it is a neighbourhood of familysingles but alleys can some times be dodgy. some of the residents use a back entrance because it is moreconvenient to their inside door ways but some of the alley is used by dinners and drug use -- drinkers and drug users. a man observed another man throwing a beer can to the ground. the man asked would you pick that up i live in the building. the victim is hit hard in the back of the head, he falls to the ground, the assailant steps over the victim and kicks him in the face. the semi conscious victim rolls on the ground with the assailant apparently taunting him. as the
. >> la monopeterson's -- lamont peterson's rematch may be at risk. we will be right back. 9:10 a.m. q what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. >> it is a welcome influx of money to the nations capital. spending by visitors grew to $6 billion. overall 18 million people visited dc in 2011 those are the best tourism totals since the 9/11 terrorist attacks devastated the industry a decade ago. tourist officials are expecting a rise in 2013. >>> bad news two big businesses in maryland say nearly 400 people could be hit by layoffs. baltimore sun reports saks fifth avenue is laying off 200 workers at its distribution center in aberdeen and hostess will have to end production at its location in waldorf if they can't come out of bankruptcy. >>> less than a quarter of the nations 7100 farmers markets are set up to use electronic benefit transfer system for food stamps. the hope is new grants will bring another 4,000 of those outlets online with the supplem
translation of research to practice in the field, and not just in behavioral health. dr. peterson, is that true for prevention as well? yes, i would say it is true for prevention as well. there are people who work in real-world settings who are interested in helping prevent problems from occurring-in this case, substance abuse or mental health issues-and they have a lot of constraints on their time. they have a lot of constraints on other resources-could be money, could be technology. and, in terms of bringing research to practice, things that are done in a laboratory or academic setting, if you will, sometimes are not readily translatable into real-world settings with those constraints happening and with a variety of audiences that are in a community setting. so, yeah, i think the same is true in the prevention field as well as in the treatment arena. and, tom, in terms of what we are studying, give us a brief overlook of what we are currently studying. i know nida has done a lot of research on the brain and so on and so forth, but what other areas of interest should a patient, f
to the handicapped ... drew peterson found out this morning which judge will reside over his murder trial is the first time we have seen him since the last court appearance nearly two years ago nancy loo reports from joliet ... in the courtroom he appeared comfortable and jovial at times. both sides are eager to go to trial. he wore a blue jail jumpsuit he was ushered into the will county court quickly he was bearded with that rare hair shackled and with handcuffs he was smiling and at these this is a status hearing edward burmila will be the judge ... prosecutors are praising that selection ... drew peterson is charged in the 2004 drowning death of his third wife kathleen savio our body was exhumed ... after a two-year delay ... attorneys are happy to see is the trial finally here ... >>my client feels people will realize that there's no evidence he did anything wrong his wife died in a tragic household accident and he wants to go home to his children >>we are ready for trial. no trial date has been set because a number of motions are being filed one of them regarding hearsay evidence
system to prevent this from happening again. >>> lamont peterson's lawyer says the local boxer inadvertently failed a recent drug test because he forgot to disclose medical treatment he received last year. lawyer jeff freed sent a letter to the nevada athletic commission saying peterson was treated for low testosterone levels, and that's why he tested positive for synthetic testosterone in march. unless the commission accepts that reasoning, peterson's may 19 rematch against amir khan in las vegas could be canceled. the decision come in as early as today. peterson defeated kahn in a controversial title fight in december. >>> this morning, josh hamilton's name is being added to the history books. the rangers player becomes just the 16th in baseball history to hit four home runs in one game. and his epic performance came against the baltimore orioles at camden yards last year. he's had a public battle with drug and alcohol addiction and says it will take some time for the significance to sink in. hamilton also had eight rbis in the rangers' 10-3 win. quite a feat. congrats to him
that got this little one in trouble. >>> finally, former police officer drew peterson makes his first courtroom appearance in nearly two years. remember this appearance is about the death of his third wife, not the disappearance of his still-missing wife number four. you're watching cnn "weekend early start." ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> the u.s. and china may have found a face-saving way out of a crisis that threatened to strained relations. the chinese government is saying blind activist chen guangcheng can apply for a visa to travel to the united states. chen remains at a beijing hospital after leaving the embassy in beijing where he sought refuge. we're joined now, good morning, what is the latest word on chen, has he had contact with u.s. officials yet? >> reporter: well, right now what we know he is at the hospital, he is here in china, even
on lamont peterson. >> yes, the mega fight we all had been anticipating between dcs own lamont peterson and emir kahne is off. what happened and why and where we go from here. first let's check with holly. >> hey, dave. we are rocking a whole different show here we are live at capital plaza where they are set and ready for the universoul circus. they have some of the most amazing acts i have ever seen. these are the rough riders. we will see what they are offering up and tell you how you and your family can come out and see this don't miss show all live later on fox morning news. news. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> we are going to let you vote. does
. karen finnie joins us from washington and james peterson from lehigh university joins from us philadelphia. good afternoon to both of you. karen, i want to ask you about reproductive freedom and we also want to point out that you are a board member of the naril epro choice america that strongly supports abortion rights. however, a new gallup poll suggest there is may be trouble for the movement, just 41% of americans self identify as pro choice. that's a record low. >> yes. >> what do you make of this, karen? >> if you look at another part of the poll, i think what we're seeing is it is the label that people are not comfortable with and seeing that in a lot of places. in the same poll it continues to show that support for women's rights to choose is still at record highs, so that's been consistent, remember, we've had all of these person hood measures and a number of other measures about six times in a number of different states in the last couple of years and every time voters have come out and reaffirmed their support for pro choice issues, so where as they might not like th
, former police sergeant drew peterson will be in a chicago area courtroom. remember him? it will be peterson's first such appearance in two years. he's the man accused of killing his third wife in 2004. he's also under investigation for the 2007 disappearance of wife number four, stacy peterson. today's hearing could assign a new judge to peterson's upcoming murder trial. >>> in louisiana, a federal judge pushes back the first trial over the bp oil spill. it promises to be one of the biggest legal fights in u.s. history. a massive group of gulf coast interests from beach towels to condo owners are suing the oil giant for damages from the 2010 disaster. they refuse to accept final claims in the $20 billion settlement that bp has already shelled out. the liability trial, now set to begin in january. >>> okay. let's talk about something that's going to hit you in the eye like a big pizza pie. >> that's amore. >> you got it. dean martin said it much better though, right? so cue the moon movies because the moon will be the star tonight. >> a full moon is happening happening -
next. >>> much anticipated rematch between lamont peterson and american amir khan could be in jeopardy. >> a better view. this is a look at the american legion bridge more weather and traffic coming straight ahead. fox 5 morning news will be right ahead agents, be on the lookout for aliens. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. >>> making headlines support for the war in afghanistan reached a new low. a new associated press gfk poll shows only 27% of americans backed the war effort. that is a 10% drop compared to last year, 66% oppose it, 40% strongly oppose t. president obama promised to keep fighting forces in afghanistan until the end of 2014. >>> to capital hill senate republicans blocked a democratic back bill that could keep the student loan rate from doubling . it fell 8 votes short and stalled w
through the peterson and there's gordon peterson watching the shoament what's wrong with this picture? he says he has a sore throat. i have one thing to say. >> i have a phone message for jc. the hostess from shanghai gardens called, says she needs the dress back. >> honors for ghen brenner, a great friend. >> the latest on the chinese dissident trying to get to the u.s. and only on nine, a rare inside look at my trip to china. >> bruce, we've got cool conditions. we could see some areas of fog and some drizzle tomorrow morning. here's a look at your wake-up weather for your monday. mostly cloudy to start, temperatures in the 50s. 58 to 63 by 9:00. i'll let you know if you will need your umbrella. stick around. 9news continues. >>> in philadelphia a trial gets underway in federal court tomorrow over a liability in a duck boat crash that left two hungarian students dead. the families of the 16 and 20- year-olds have flown in for the trial. the students drowned almost two years ago when a tugboat guided a barge into an amphibious passenger boat on the delaware river. the parents have filed
to home. the teams wrap up the series tonight. >>> the match between la montreal peterson and emirkahn was canceled. peterson was turned down
. -- >> good morning. let me start with the money. how is that? >> mining is tanya peterson, director -- my name is tanya peterson, director of the san francisco zoo. thank you for taking this on. april attendance for the month was 80 two thousand 601 visitors versus the budget of -- 82,601 visitors verses the budget of 75,000. thankfully, we were over budget. and we were over budget by and we were over budget by 10.5%.
by the peter peterson foundation. it's just under an hour. >> first time i have been to the right of you, i think, senator simpson. >> i didn't hear that. >> first time i have been to the right of you. i haven't been here for the entire morning but i heard the last couple of speakers. and i have been interviewing a lot of people on the budget issues this week and good morning america. you must feel a little bit like the pope these days. everyone feels the need to kiss the ring of sibowles-simpson. >> kiss something. >> even if they don't adhere to everything you have laid out. what i would like to do is have you talk a little bit about what you are hearing when you go out into the country and try to lay the groundwork for support. what you are hearing back from people of what they expect and want and need and understand about the the problem. >> first, thanks to peterson and michael for this. this is a great forum and i'm always proud to show up. i knew pete years ago talking about social security reform and wrote a book. wonderful, dear man. run this through your head again. 750 billion fo
. let me start with the money. how is that? >> mining is tanya peterson, director -- my name is tanya peterson, director of the san francisco zoo. thank you for taking this on. april attendance for the month was 80 two thousand 601 visitors versus the budget of -- 82,601 visitors verses the budget of 75,000. thankfully, we were over budget. and we were over budget by 10.5%. i am also thrilled to report that we just had our annual gala, which raised over $800,000, and that his record- breaking four ayes, more than we have ever raised. i thank the zoo chair and commissioner arata attending. she and other guests came in elegant attire. because of them, we were able to honor mark's mother, mrs. lee ann roberts, who was responsible for finding and spending -- and spearheading the african exhibit. in our effort to broaden our community outreach, we just announced a new festival on saturday, highlighting the cultural dance and music performances of the pacific, including the hawaiian and filipino guitar as well as specific-in fact -- pacific- inspired food. we hope to host a similar day nex
7 news with gordon peterson, bunyan, doug hill. >> ♪ tomorrow marks the 150th of taps.ry hundreds will gather at national cemetery. was originally composed in during the civil war. weregood news if you taking a weekend road trip. >> gas prices have started to again.wn prices slipped across the board. is $3.71 al average gallon. in maryland and virginia slightly overnight. district, gas prices fell nearly a nickel. >> here is the metro work over the weekend. the orange, red, green line. and some delays. you should plan an extra 20 minutes. if you have to take the yellow are in luck., you they should be normal. it seems like a lot of working americans do not take advantage of their allotted vacation time. 87% of american workers had an -- 57% ofation time workers had unused time last year. it is not mandatory for american to give vacation time. in great britain, by law, least 28 days off each year. do not take for granted. >> it will be a good weekend, i guess. it is going to be a nice weekend. is a different story. a very chilly weekend at the beaches. we are looking at a time laps
defeat the flyers 4-3. >>> don't go anywhere. when we return lamont peterson prepares to put his title on the line against the former champ. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> d.c. boxer lamont peterson captured the light welterweight world championship last december 10th at the washington convention center. he upset a mirror kahn by a split decision. now it's time for the re-- amir kahn by a split decision. now it's time for the rematch. his camp will head to vegas where he will continue to train for the rematch with kahn scheduled for may 19th at mandalay bay. peterson has been listed as a 3- 1 underdog. that first fight you remember was very controversi
in the world of boxing. the promoter of the peterson kahn fight is moving to overturn the results of the first fight between the two won by peterson and return the belts to kahn. peterson tested positive for a banned substance. he has also admitted to taking the sub dance before the original fight. >>> college softball today. virginia tech trying to get to the ncaa tournament against the lady yellow jackets. that ball is stung. georgia tech winning it easily 9-1. the hokies will have to wait for selection day to see if they get into the tournament. >>> finally, third round of the players' tiger woods trying to capitalize on yesterday's round of 68. he salvaged the rounds finishing even par. 2 under for the tournament. kevin na and matt kuchar making major moves, this is kuchar right here at 11 under atop the leader board. a lot coming up tonight. caps, we'll see if they win it. >> okay, let's hope the caps are rolling. want to recap for us? >> hey mother's day does look pretty good. it may be pretty cloudy out there especially by the afternoon. we have a chance for showers especially north and
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of the week but do not expect to see drew peterson as murder trial on television illinois pilot program to allow cameras in trial courts will likely not be approved and will county in time for the peterson trial is expected to begin this summer of the former bolingbrook police officers charged with the drowning death of his third wife kathleen savio back in 2004 he is also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson ultimately it will be up to reach judge to decide whether or not to allow cameras in those court rooms for months after suffering a stroke that left him with left side paralysis' and impaired speech senator mark kirk is seen in new video undergoing therapy the video shows him working with the help of therapists in using a cane with a four pronged base his lower left rate is in a brace and his demobilized left arm is supported by a slang used during rehabilitative sessions he also speaks from a chair in the video posted by his aides on you tube part of the video was shot at the rehabilitation institute of chicago where senator kirk is an outpatient
was once quoted as saying never no bubbles. >>> d.c. native lamont peterson will not fight amir kahn for a rematch scheduled in vegas. he tested positive for an elevated testosterone level in march. today peterson appeared on fox morning news with his trainer barry hunter. peterson says he is not a cheat. >> saying like, you know, i'm cheating, but at the end of the day this at least allows me time to prove my innocence and i know at the end of the day a lot of these people who are dragging my name through the mud will see that. i didn't attempt to cheat and i didn't cheat. i don't need to cheat to win a fight. >> time will tell. i'm dave feldman, brian back with more of the edge right after this. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. >>> may be the best week of braden hol
lamont peterson's next big bout is in doubt. we will explain why. >>> plus, two faces of the franchise will finally >>> and hello, everybody, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer taking a look at what has been a cloudy day across the area. still not that bad even though we did say rain. temperatures in the 70s for most of us across the area. winds south at 12 miles per hour. around the region, areas that stayed in the 60s, gaithersburg now at 68 degrees. baltimore right now at 69 degrees. but 7 4 in college park. huntingtown, 74 degrees. warrenton coming in at 75. what have we seen as far as the radar is concerned? once again, the rain that came through earlier today is now out of here. now we're watching what's coming in from the west. these showers continue to develop right around the winchester area, martinsburg and shepherdstown and charlestown, harpers ferry, loudoun county, you'll see shower activity. as we widen out, you continue to see more showers developing and moving our way. even some thundershowers associated with this. i'm not anticipating much in the way of thunder. don't exp
an melanie time to cnn help desk at cnn.com. >>> drew peterson is back in court. you remember drew. he is the ex-cop in illinois that's charged in the murder for a wife and police are searching for his fourth wife. this case is famous enough. actor rob lowe played peterson in a made for tv movie. >> stacy peterson, the young illinois mother who advanceished last october. >> the autopsy came back with the cause of death being accidental drowning. >> her husband drew peterson is now considered a suspect. >> he needs to be arrested. >> any time you're under a microscope, people only want to see the negative. they knew the facts about me. they would know that there's no way that i could be involved in any crime. >> all right. joey jackson is on the case. good to see you. so this case has been on hold since july of 2010, so what happened today? >> well, what happened is two critically important things. number one is what he had to do is go back to skort and determine who the judge was going to be. why? during the course of this and since there was a delay, the actual judge retired. number t
. monday we were out there . monday we were out there with lamont peterson and company getting ready for the may 19th fight. it is not going to happen. it is off. emir khan basically said on twitterer fight is off. sorry you have no body to blame but lamont peterson. they are taking a hard line tactic if you will at the peterson camp. i thought it was important for lamont and barry hunter his trainer to come in and explain their side of it. they will come in 9:30 a.m. today. there is a lot more to the story than i think what meets the eye. easy to say yes, he tested positif for testosterone and everybody says it is his fault the fight is off. it is not that simple. there is another side to this story. >> in the world of boxing it is always more complicated than you think. >> there is always money that dictates things you are hearing from the other camp >> appreciate it. see you later. >>> in just a little bit, we will go here to find it, we've got details about a special tribute to chuck brown, that you are encouraged to take part in later today. >>> long time red skin talking footba
here in d.c. lamont peterson recently failed a drug test. he won a thrilling title bout over amir kahn last september. he's accused of having an elevated testosterone level. the rematch is off. he appeared to fox morning news with his trainer barry hunter and peterson said he's not a cheat. >> i'm not going to cheat for anything. >> right j. it can be something simple. that is not me, not my character. >> peterson said that doctors have been treating him for a low testosterone level and since that treatment, he's taken the drug tests. only one taken in los angeles turned out positive. >>> the caps upset the second- seated bruins in the first round and have taken the top- seated rangers to the game. lindsay murphy has more now. >> reporter: the capitals played well under pressure. they 2-0 in facing elimination. the team said they're not ready to go home yet. so far, they acting like it, too. >> the rangers did the unthinkable, scoring the game- time goal with 6.6 seconds to go in regulation and this, just a minute and 35 seconds into overtime. >> and walked on now. no! >> reporter: som
failing a test. peterson could be stripped some of his titles. >>> london fletcher will be at the white house today taking part in a summitt on financial capability. fletcher will be showing off an nfl-themed money management computer game called financial football. the game is available in high schools and 34 states and d.c. it is a good thing of him to be talking about that, financial issues and it is good for them to get that information. >> as a redskins linebacker, he has plenty of money to worry about to. >>> plenty ahead for us. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. he scores! >> carlson there, threw one in front, scores! it's chimera, 2-0. >> we are excited. the washington caps still standing. they beat the new york rangers last night 2-1 to set up a decisive game seven in new york saturday night. >> alex ovechkin and jason chimera provide the the offense and braiden holtby made 30 saves in goal. awesome. >> you want hat head? >> no. i'll have hat head after won't i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll be wea
lamont peterson. next week might be in jeopardy.  [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> the nats and pirates in pittsburgh. adam laroche with a two-run homer to take a one-run lead in the ninth. rodriguez couldn't close the deal. a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. the nats lose a heartbreaker 5- 4. >>> josh hamilton made history in baltimore last night e hit a two-run homer to texas to give texas the lead. he added three more home runs on the night to power the rangers to a 10-3 win. hamilton by the way is the 16th major leaguer in history to record four homers in just one game. >>> you know tayse must-win for the caps tonight. they are going to f
criticized lawyers on both sides for moving too slowly and boring jurors. >>> the match between peterson and kahn was canceled. this comes after peterson failed a recent drug test. peterson's lawyer says he was treated for loi testosterone levels last year. he then tested positive for synthetic testosterone in march. >>> very disappointing if local folks really cheering him on. today the national cathedral will honor the late civil rights leader rosa parks. >> they'll dedicate a statue. crews installed the statue devoted to human rights. on december 1st, 1955, parks refused a bus driver's order to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in alabama. police arrested her. her actions sparked the montgomery bus boycott. she died in 2005 at the age of 92. >>> famed hairdresser vidal sass sassoon had died. he opened his first salon in london. sassoon was 84 years old. >> it was my pleasure to emcee the salutes enlisting recognition ceremony last night. photos from the event p all of these men and women are graduating from fairfax county public schools and they're going into the air force, arm
the economy debt ceiling. this forum is hosted by the peter peterson foundation. [applause] >> thank you for that introduction, and let me say it is an honor to be here in this historic auditorium. it was here in the spring that leaders gathered to sign the north atlantic treaty. president truman declared people with the termination can choose their destiny. they can choose freedom or slavery. go all nations face a grave threat to freedom, one from within. that is their debt and our debt. the world looks to the united states for an example. it is an example of a free people whose hard work and sacrifice make a vibrant economy. if unleashes world-class products. it is never content with status quo. i got an example growing up and working in my dad's bar. instead of the shining example of what does the world see, the president lost his rating for the first time in our history. the senate has not passed a budget in three years, and earlier, another unemployment report showing the greatest economy remained unable to create enough jobs for lasting economic growth. you should know i am an opti
and james peterson with us tonight. gentlemen, let's have a discussion about this. we know this dog and pony show about a birth certificate has been going on since the day barack obama was sworn in and people like donald trump won't let it go. it's well-documented the president is a american citizen. it was settled a long time ago. romney won't distance himself from it. what should romney do? >> i almost have a little sympathy for romney. he's trying to raise money and reach people. he's trying to do what candidates are supposed too. here you have this guy who is just addicted to these kind of side show antics. it's pure show biz. donald trump is a smart guy. he likes to see people spin around and to be the cause of it. he's just stealing the spotlight from his candidate. i don't know if he knows how much damage he is doing to a guy that wants to be president. >> james peterson what about the candidate? has romney done enough? >> i have no sympathy for romney here. he got to make it clear he doesn't ride with this basis elements of republican party. it's all well and good for donald trump to
:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, doug hill whether, and tim brant sports. this is abc seven days at 6:00 on your side. clucks more than 200,000 americans will lose their unemployment checks this week because -- >> more than 200,000 americans will lose their unemployment checks this week. the program is expiring throughout much of the country. to get extra funding they must show a particularly high unemployment level, 10% or more. >> a new list confirms what some of you already suspected. d.c. and arlington are the two best places to live in the nation if you are trying to find a job. the d.c. level's unemployment rate is around 5.5%. the top industries an hour. besides the government are pharmaceuticals, technology, and non-profit. >> some of you will have to pay more on your bill. they will see a 7.5% increase july 1. that is an extra $5 a month. the increases will go toward updating the aging water mains among other things. >> the weekend is here so that means plenty of track work on the metro. there will be worked on the red, orange, and the blue lines. it starts at 10:00 tonight u
:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, doug hill weather, and tim brant sports. >> a government report indicates tax cheats could be getting away with billions of dollars. >> millions of filers are stealing identities and getting refunds from the government. the treasury department has received 2 million fake tax returns last year. they could lose $26 billion over the next five years because the irs does not have the resources to keep track of the cheaters. >> the unemployment rate is hovering around 8% but a new report shows there are jobs available. in march, companies posted the highest number of job openings and nearly three years. >> mcdonald's is being accused of bribing hundreds of blockers. they are getting them to write positive things about the food chain forgive said aleksei -- -- about the food for gifts. to that we have a look at the car you can win simply by entering our contest on our facebook page. >> we are staying dry. you can win this beautiful ford fiesta. it is easy to do. just go to wjla.com/freecar. go there right now. wjla.com/freecar. it is quick and easy to do
peterson from the san francisco zoo. ms. peterson. >> thank you, president. san francisco zoological society, the nonprofit that manages the san francisco zoo. we are pleased to comment and report on the language access ordinance. i will comment briefly on the zoo's emergency language assets, and as vice president of education, mr. fitting will, on the broader efforts of the zoo to make it more accessible. due to our nonprofits that is, our plan has been in process and somewhat behind the other city agencies. with respect to emergencies, the society has installed an emergency public announcement system. in an emergency, an alarm sounds, and an announcement made in three languages. it informs the public there is an emergency, they should move to the closest building and wait for instructions from the emergency and zoo personnel. those announcements are made in english, spanish, and chinese. we have signs throughout the zoo in foreign visitors to call a hotline if they see any misconduct at an exhibit or anywhere else in the suit. the suns also are in three languages. lastly, in hiring
practitioner that doesn't normally have access to this, this will help strengthen these programs. dr. peterson, i want to go to you because you've mentioned some of the issues that the physicians are facing in terms of when they do their screening and so on, and you also mentioned off camera that you were attempting to work with them on motivational interviewing skills. you want to talk a little bit about that? yeah, and i'm speaking from my experience working with trying to implement sbirt into primary healthcare settings and emergency departments or emergency room settings in wisconsin. one of the things that was very difficult in terms of the implementation, one i mentioned earlier, that busy physicians, it's very difficult for them to find time. the very brief screening itself, however, you can do universally to everybody who walks in the office in a very short period of time. pencil and paper are up on a kiosk. that will give you enough information to know what to do with that person next. that, in itself, doesn't take the time, but talking to patients does. in wisconsin, we used paraprof
contra costa district attorney mark peterson filed criminal charges against katherine marie faria. and this woman keisha wite nburg. faria seems to have all but disappeared. but whiteberg took the time to explain. >> if i have to get to doctor's appointments i have to get on a bus and find a ride. there's days when my youngest son gets real sick and i have no one to watch him. maybe my boy will miss a day or two out of school. >> it was okay for me but not to them. >> reporter: it suddenly stopped being okay when contra costa authorities hit her with an arrest warrant. telling her that she could face charges and spend time in jail if her son did not start going to school every day. >> so i had to do what i had to do. because i have two kids that i can't leave behind because nobody is going to treat them like i treat them. >> reporter: now despite still having some medical problems and bullies on the school bus from the west county projects, whitenberg's son is doing spectacularly well in class. the child of the other woman charged is still out. chronic truancy is a problem that ca
.c.'s height welterweight champion lamont peterson has been turned down for a license to box in nevada and his may 19th title rematch against a mirror kahn in vegas canceled. peter -- amir kahn in vegas canceled. peterson tested positive in march for the presence of an anabolic steroid. he had a pellet containing testosterone inserted in his hip while training for kahn. the first fight could be invalidated and he will likely be stripped ofly titles. >>> were you worried about john -- of his titles. >>> were you worried about john beck? the houston texans agreed to a contract with the former redskins quarterback. he's alive and well and living in south texas. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge right after this. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. got my bearings. ♪ a little bi
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